Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Triumph of Felons and Failure

by Bob Herbert


Anonymous Joe Craine said...

Mr. Herbert seems to indict minority youth for "Stop Snitchin'," claiming it has to stop. Yet he supports Mr. Williams observation about leadership.

"Enough, in Mr. Williams's view, is enough. His book is a cry for a new generation of African-American leadership at all levels to fill the vacuum left by those who, for whatever reasons, abandoned the tradition of struggle, hard-won pride and self-determination. That absence of leadership has led to an onslaught of crippling, self-destructive behavior."

Who are the role models for these children?

Does Mr. Herbert think they are blind?

Their role models are the current administration and those who support it, actively or silently, and they, justifiably, point to 911 for confirmation.

The subtitle of the 911 Commission report
Should be "Stop Snitchin'." Mr. Herbert's paper the NYTimes should have a banner confirming that news that opposes the view that 19 fanatics hi-jacked 4 commercial airliners and flew three of them into buildings, 7 of them surviving,
Is not news that is fit to print

Anyone who permits thinking to interfere with propaganda can see that the criminals behind the events of 911 are singing and dancing thanks to the official "Stop Snitchin'" stand of the government.

Mr. Herbert mentions the tragic case of a family burned to death for snitching. How about a similar list of those who have tried to come forward about 911. Are the employees of the Sheraton who viewed the unadulterated Pentagon tape coming forward to disclose what they saw? Are the FAA employees whose debriefings were accidentally (!) destroyed being permitted to come forward? Have the workmen who illegally removed the rubble from the WTC being encouraged to describe what they saw? Will the secret service be permitted to say how they knew the president was not in danger the morning of September 11, 2001, until after he took off?

Go ahead, Mr. Herbert, tell your kids that "honesty is the best policy" and America is a land of justice and equality. What do you say when they point out that you appear to accept the "Intelligent design" theory of 911?

"I am afraid I would be fired if I wrote that"?

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