Friday, October 28, 2005

Willie “Flip" Williams was Executed on Tuesday

Today Willie "Flip" Williams was pronouced dead at 10:20 a.m. He was visited by over 20 family members - on Friday at Mansfield Correctional Institution and on Monday at Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville. Vigils, services, witnesses were held throughout the state last night and early this morning. His arrangements will be private. [c/o IJPC]

From Youngstown's paper "The Vindicator":

Williams executed for '91 massacre
Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Family members of the victims were dismayed that Williams didn't apologize.

LUCASVILLE — Willie Williams expressed love for his family Tuesday before being executed by lethal injection for the slayings of four men in Youngstown in 1991 in a crime that became known as the "Labor Day Massacre."

Clad in dark blue pants with a red stripe down the legs and a white short-sleeved shirt, the 48-year-old Williams, who was known as "Flip," calmly entered the Death House at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility shortly after 10 a.m., laid on a table and looked at family members sitting behind a window nearby.

Williams used his final statement to recognize his family.

"I don't want to waste no time talking about my lifestyle, my case, my punishment," Williams said into a microphone held by Warden Edwin Voorhies.

"Mom, you've been there from the beginning and I love you," Williams said, referring to his mother, Joyce Williams.

Williams said he loved his other family members.

"Y'all stick together," Williams said. "Don't worry about me, I'm OK. This ain't nothing, I'll be OK. That's it," Williams said before the deadly drugs flowed into his veins.

Ohio's Third Execution this Year

Less than a month since Dale Ashworth was executed and just three weeks before
John Spirko is scheduled to be executed, Ohio executed Willie “Flip”
Williams on Tuesday October 25, 2005. In 2004, Ohio executed seven men, putting
us second behind Texas in the number of yearly executions. This year, Ohio
could see five executions, with four scheduled within eight weeks. Ohioans to
Stop Execution asks why the race to death, is Ohio safer now?

Since resuming executions in 1999, Ohio has executed 17 men. Of those 17, four,
Berry, Vrabel, Mink and Ashworth waived appeals. Mr. Williams took every legal
remedy available to him, yet did not choose to formally seek clemency.

Concerned citizens throughout Ohio joined Ohioans to Stop Execution at 8:30am
outside the death house in Lucasville. Xavier University Students for Life’s president Anne Feczko, “We attend the vigil in a spirit of prayer and support, both for Mr. Williams and his family, as well as for the families of his victims. Through our presence, we send the message that death row inmates are not forgotten and
certainly not unloved.”

Vigils with witnesses opposing this execution were held in cities throughout
Ohio, including: Akron, Athens, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Mansfield and
Toledo. “Vengeance is not justice,” notes long time Akron organizer Mac
Goeckler. “I witness that we, the State of Ohio, are again taking another life.
Of all God's creatures, we are the only species that kills out of vengeance.” [c/o IJPC]


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